BEI Little Blue Tall


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  • Pull Type

  • Sway Picking Mechanism

pull behind side view

1995 Korvan 930 Korvette

1995 Korvan 930 Korvette

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  • Pull Type

  • Rotary HeadKorvette 930Korvette Long view

3-N-1 Air Compressor/Generator/Welder

Mi-T-M 3-N-1

  • Two Stage Air Compressor

  • 5000 Watt Generator

  • Arc Welder

-Oversized shaft bearings extend the life of the compressor

-High profile fin design on cylinders optimizes heat dissipation

-Industrial-duty inlet filter/silencer for low sound levels

-Large steel valves offer less restricted flow giving greater efficiency, cooler running temperatures, and longer valve life

-Aftercooler removes moisture from discharged compressed air




full size generatorgenerator 2

Powell 4360

Powell 4360

  • 3 Wheel Self Propelled Sprayer with 4 Toppers


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95′ Rogator 844

95′ Rogator 844

  • New 80ft Hardi Eagle Fold Booms

  • Adjustable Height Clearance 5ft-8ft w/ skid pan

Rogator 844 rogator

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96′ DeCloet Tobacco Harvester

96 decloet harvester

96′ DeCloet Tobacco Harvester

Season Ready

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Ford 8N Tractor

Used Ford 8N Tractor

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Has Been Kept in Garage


Used Mercury Hardi Sprayer

Used Mercury Hardi Sprayer

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IMG_0901 IMG_0898 sp1 IMG_0899

Pesticide Boom Sprayer

Pesticide Boom Sprayer – Call for Pricing

  • 2 Row
  • 500 Gallon Tank
  • Adjustable boom height up to 11 f
    • Optional: Horseshoe style boom


DeCloet Sprayer

Decloet Sprayer

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Technical Features:

  • Spray Tank Capacity – 900 Gal.
  • Diesel Engine – John Deere 4045 (170 hp) 4-cylinder – Turbo, Common Rail TIER 3, 28 mile speed
  • Steering System – 4-wheel steer
  • Suspensions – front and rear axle (air)
  • Cab – Air Conditioning, activated carbon filters and pneumatic driver’s seat
  • Spray System – TRIMBLE Spray System
  • Booms – 88 ft. horizontal folding system, capable of covering seven 12 ft. rows. Air assisted booms allow for the efficiency of a multi-row sprayer.
  • The force of the air provided by these booms increase canopy coverage and the volume of fungicide spray to provide deep canopy penetration for pest control.img_0369 img_0368 img_0073

Littau 2016 Blueberry Harvester

Littau 2016 Blueberry Harvester

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  • Heavy duty rotary heads
  • Digital display
  • New heavy duty rotary heads
  • Rear deck gate folds downimg_0426 img_0427 img_0428

Dual Application Herbicide Sprayer

Dual Application Herbicide Sprayer

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herb-sprayer-7 herb-sprayer-5 herb-sprayer-4 herb-sprayer-3 herb-sprayer-1

  • Dual Application
  • Sprays two different herbicides in one pass
  • 400/200 Gallon Tank
  • 200/110 Gallon Tank
  • Tanks are calibrated to empty simultaneously
  • 1-1/2″ quick fill on tanks
  • Twin flow pump for adequate application and agitation
  • Flow monitors on each tip for monitoring individual performance
  • 3 pt. hitch hook up
  • Unique articulating trailer tank system
  • 2 adjustable galvanized hoods for different row widths