Used Kennco Mfg Plastic Mulch Layer

Used Kennco High Speed Plastic Mulch Layer

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  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Seat for Rider
  • Carries two rolls of plastic, for quick “on-the-go” switching.
  • Trailing arms
  • Sweeps pull soil from outside bed areas to maximize soil compaction


Drive Shaft Guards

Drive Shaft Guards 

Fits 4 Series Finishing Mowers – 46″ Overall Length


Drive Shaft Guards

Dual Conveyor for Agrex Spreader

Dual Conveyor Attachment for Agrex Spreader

Dual Spreader Conveyor (6) Dual Spreader Conveyor (4)Dual Spreader Conveyor (2) Dual Spreader Conveyor (3)

LMC Middle Buster – 1 Row


LMC Middle Buster – 1 Row

One unit construction, with interchangeable pins, tempered plow bottom – up to 40 HP tractors

LMC Cultivator – 1 Row


LMC Cultivator – 1 Row

 Planter can be attached to this cultivator, slots are included in the frame so tines can be adjusted and locked in different positions.

Clamp-On Bucket Bale Spear

photo 1 (2)

Clamp-On Bucket Bale Spear

Two Prong Hay Spike

photo 3 (3)

Two Prong Hay Spike

Hay/Pallet Fork

photo 3 (2)

Hay/Pallet Fork

Blueberry Trailer for Rear Loader


Blueberry Trailer for Rear Loader

(Pallet Trailer) – Green


Littau ORXL Over-Row Harvester

Littau ORXL Over-row

Littau ORXL Over-the-Row Harvester

Latest design in a strong line of harvesting solutions for the world. The premium choice for all varieties of fresh and processed fruit.

  •  The largest working platform in the industry, 210 sq. ft.
  • The largest elevator has over 72 sq. ft. of storage area
  • Safely store and lower four pallets (6000 lbs.) of fruit
  • Only three conveyor drop points for fresh quality fruit
  • 56″ wide unobstructed tunnel width
  • New conveyor transfer system designed for quality
  • Dynamic hydraulic fail safe brakes
  • Cummins B series 3.3 liter turbo diesel engine
  • Traveling speed: Low 0-8 mph    High  0-12 mph
  • Automatic leveling and electronic assisted steering by Littau
  • Crew 1 to 6
  • Horizontal or vertical freewheeling rotary shaking system
  • Overall width: 132″
  • Overall height: 167.5″
  • Overall length: 228″

Agrex Fertilizer Spreader SE 300


300 SE Agrex Fertilizer Spreader

High quality steel components.

The rotor blades can be modified to change the amount of fertilizer propelled left or right.

90 degree left or right spread pattern or 180 degree pattern behind the tractor.

Metal hopper and PTO driven, PTO shaft included.

Category 1, 3 point hitch hookup.

3 to 16 MPH at 540 RPM working speed.

 Overall dimensions 47″ length, 43″ width, 42″ tall

Capacity 330 lbs, 115 lbs empty weight.

Options: Articulated Agitator – Deflector for Salt/Sand – Stainless Steel Spreading Disc – Mechanic Remote Control – Oil Hydraulic Drive – Fertilizer Conveyor – Dual Fertilizer Conveyor

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