LMC 4 ft. Box Blade


LMC 4 ft. Box Blade

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Landscape and level with this 4 ft. long box blade scraper.

Each shank includes a steel teeth to break up compacted soils.

Has a rear blade that allows for fast penetration in the soil.

3-point Cat 1 hitch with pins installed.

It is recommended for the tractor horsepower to be less than 25.


  • Length: 4 ft.
  • 3-point hitch
  • Number of ripper shanks: 4
  • Reversible and adjustable shanks
  • 1/2 in. x 6 in. high-carbon steel blades
  • Rear blade
  • Steel scarifiers teeth
  • Fits Category 1 hitch
  • Can be bolted or welded on
  • Tractor’s speed: up to 25 HP
  • Pins included

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New Hardi Air Blast Sprayer


IMG_0072[1]New Hardi Air Blast Sprayer  – Zenit 105

Single Nozzles Manual Control V Deflector

600/925 gallon polyethylene tank

Manual  pressure/regulator with 4″ gauge

HY2 hydraulic spray controls

2 speed gearbox  with neutral position

Boom – Hydraulic lift and fold, 8 spouts

Adjustable nozzles and air slot

32″ or 36″ super flow axial fan

V deflectors

Hardi Diaphragm Pump (321)  – designed for the application of plant protection products and can be used for distribution of liquid fertilizer

2 diaphragms, volume ranges from 6-17 Gal/min, and a maximum pressure of 367 psi

Pump – self-priming, able to run dry without damage, grease lubricated crankcase, chemical resistant diaphragms and valves, able to rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise, easy to service without special tools

Littau Over-the-Row Harvester

Littau over the row

Littau Over-the-Row Harvester

The latest design in a strong line of harvesting solutions. The OR is the premium choice for all varieties of fresh or processed fruit.

  •  Large platform for ample storage and stacking of pallets
  • Large elevator allows for extra storage and easy offload of pallets
  • 20″ maximum leveling from side to side
  • Only three conveyor drop points for fresh quality fruit
  • New shaker system provides more selective fresh quality fruit
  • Picking unit width 50″ unobstructed or optional 60″
  • New conveyor transfer systems designed for quality
  • Dynamic hydraulic fail safe brakes
  • Cummins B series 3.3 liter turbo diesel engine
  • Traveling speed:  Low 0-9 mph      High 0-12 mph
  • Automatic leveling and electronic assisted steering by Littau
  • Crew 1 to 6
  • Horizontal or vertical freewheeling rotary shaking system
  • Overall width:  119″
  • Overall height:  159″
  • Overall length:  206″

Modern Ag – 7′, 8′, & 10′ Predator

7', 8', & 10' Predator


Modern Ag Products – 7′, 8′, & 10′ Predator. Call for quote.

7′ – Cat. 2 with a 140 HP gearbox and a Cat. 5 Heavy Duty Slip Clutch Driveline – 84” Cutting Width

8′ – Cat. 2 with a 150 HP transfer gearbox w/two 95 HP out board gearboxes – 96” Cutting Width

10′ – Cat. 2 with a 150 HP transfer gearbox w/two 95 HP out board gearboxes – 120” Cutting Width

Option Available – Dual Tailwheels (Pull Type)

5 year limited warranty on gearbox and 10 year limited warranty on deck rust thru.


R & B Metal Structures

R&BMet_Logo_Final (3)

R & B Metal Structures

Bennett’s Tractor Service is your area dealer for  R & B Metal Structures.

R & B provides the highest quality buildings along with outstanding customer service. Whether it’s the smallest carport or the largest garage, R & B has the building to fit your needs. The highest quality metal is manufactured for:

Carports              Storage Buildings           Utility/Combo Buildings             Boat & Dock Covers          Barns

Garages                ATV Covers          RV Covers         Agricultural Buildings         Industrial Buildings


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For inquiries about Mowers:

LMC 4 ft. Scrape Blade (Slider)

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LMC 4 ft. Scrape Blade (Slider)

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Covington Planter

Covington Platner


Covington 1 Row Planting Unit – Straight Fertilizer Mounted on V-Frame – Includes 5 Plates and Other Gears. Call for Quote.

Agrex XDA 750 Spreader


Agrex XDA 750 Spreader

Ideal for all row cultivation, orchards and vineyards

*  Compact and Light

*  Can be pulled by low-power tractors

*  Setting gauge guarantees quantity control and accurate fertilizer distribution

*  Quantities being fed onto the 2 spreading discs can be adjusted

*  Side conveyors allow for localized spreading on row cultivation of 1.5 to 5 meters

*  Deflectors are adjustable and enable the fertilizer to be discharged where needed

*  All models are equipped with: manual flow control, standard filtering grids, PTO shaft, rear guard, stainless steel discs, stainless steel vanes for spreading up to 18 m, vanes quick adjustment, fast lubrication system of the transmission

*  Double acting hydraulic control

Options:  Dual fertilizer conveyor

Self Propelled 2 Row Stripper

2 Row Tobacco Stripper

Modern Ag Industrial Box Scraper


Modern Ag Industrial Box Scraper – 6 ft.

Hinged rear back flap w/cutting edges

Bracing from pull pins to mold board

Hot-dipped galvanized box & frame

Tempered scarifier shanks

Recommend up to 100 hp 2wd & 80 hp 4wd

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Orchard-Rite Wind Machines  

Contact Bennett’s Tractor for more in-depth descriptions of each model and installation.


             wind-1            wind-machine.

Orchard-Rite offers a variety of models, including stationary, portable and lay-down, and provides options to customize your equipment to provide the best possible protection. They are the most environmentally friendly means of frost protection. Whether they are powered by diesel, propane or natural gas, all engines are certified to meet current EPA emissions standards. Orchard-Rite provides the grower with multiple options of towers, engine packages and over fifteen optional equipment accessories. Making it simple, allowing you to customize your Orchard-Rite® Wind Machine, so you rest assured on those cold nights that you are protecting your investment.

Testimonial Video:

Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials

1500 Stationary

2600 Stationary

1500 Portable

Most common equipment options for the Southeast region:

cci11022016_0001 cci11022016_0002cci11022016_0003  cci11022016_0004  cci11022016_0005

Additional Orchard-Rite® Optional Equipment Accessories:

  • Engine Flood Riser Stand
  • Blade Bumpers
  • Driveline Holder
  • Lower Gearbox Frame
  • Vibration Sensor
  • Engine Hood Security
  • Tilt Head
  • Contour Head
  • Electric Oscillator Head
  • P.T.O. Tower
  • Laydown Tower
  • Dogleg Tower
  • Galvanized or Painted Tower
  •  Propane or Diesel units are available