Orchard-Rite Wind Machines  

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Orchard-Rite offers a variety of models, including stationary, portable and lay-down, and provides options to customize your equipment to provide the best possible protection. They are the most environmentally friendly means of frost protection. Whether they are powered by diesel, propane or natural gas, all engines are certified to meet current EPA emissions standards. Orchard-Rite provides the grower with multiple options of towers, engine packages and over fifteen optional equipment accessories. Making it simple, allowing you to customize your Orchard-Rite® Wind Machine, so you rest assured on those cold nights that you are protecting your investment.

Testimonial Video:

Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials

1500 Stationary

2600 Stationary

1500 Portable

Most common equipment options for the Southeast region:

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Additional Orchard-Rite® Optional Equipment Accessories:

  • Engine Flood Riser Stand
  • Blade Bumpers
  • Driveline Holder
  • Lower Gearbox Frame
  • Vibration Sensor
  • Engine Hood Security
  • Tilt Head
  • Contour Head
  • Electric Oscillator Head
  • P.T.O. Tower
  • Laydown Tower
  • Dogleg Tower
  • Galvanized or Painted Tower
  •  Propane or Diesel units are available



5 ft. LMC Box Blade

5 ft. box blade

5 ft. LMC Box Blade

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 Standard A-frame with removable scarifiers and two reversible cutting edges

Modern Ag – 15′ Predator

15' Predator


Modern Ag Products – 15′ Predator – Call for quote.

Cutting Width 180”, 5 year limited warranty on gearbox, 10 year limited warranty on deck rust thru.

255 hp transfer gear box with 210 hp center and wing gearboxes.

50 hp required (min).

Optional dual wingwheels

R & B Metal Ag Covers


1008 1003


For inquiries about Sprayers:

Littau Bark Spreader – 20 yd


20 Yard Bark/Mulch Spreader

For Sale or Rent

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* Spread material to large fruit bush rows

* Rectangular/bucket shaped container used to distribute material

* Distributes material from the left or right side

* High torque drag chain motors, triple 667x drag chains

* Agitator shaft for smoother application, reversible cross belt with a section guide

* Standard manual variable speed controls, front shields for large bushes

* Capacity: 20 cubic yards, 8 tires size 27 x 10.5 x 15, 78″ tire track

* Uni-body construction

* Independent truck carriage suspension

* Tractor mounted hydraulic pump

* Planetary gear drive for dependability

* Manual adjustable belt and drag chain speed

* Smooth sided box with nose and tail cones

* Modular hitch system

* Optional agitator system

* Optional remote electronic controls

Covington Planter


 Covington 1 Row Planting Unit – Fertilizer Mounted on Straight Frame – Includes 5 Plates and Other Gears. Call for Quote.

Potato Plow

photo 2 (4)

Potato Plow with Foot

3 pt. Hitch

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LMC Disc Harrow – 20, 22, or 24 Blades



LMC Disc Harrow – 20, 22, or 24 Blades – 16″, 18″, 20″ Diameter

400 & 500 Series

Fiction or Sealed Bearings

1″ axle

Heavier models made with 3″ tubing gang carriers

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Tobacco Boxes


Tobacco Boxes (8)

32″ x 115″

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Modern Ag – 5′, 6′, & 7′ Super Sunshine

5', 6', & 7' Super Sunshine

Modern Ag Products – 5′, 6′, & 7′ Super Sunshine. Call for quote.

5′ – Cutting Width 60”

6′ – Cutting Width 72”

7′ – Cutting Width 84”

Long lasting Cat. 1 cutter with a Cat. 3 Driveline

Upgraded 65 hp gearbox rating with 2” – 15 spline output shaft.

Three Colors Available

3 year limited warranty on gearbox and 10 year limited warranty on deck rust thru on galvanized units only.



Weed Badger

Weed Badger

Weed Badger

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