DeCloet Tobacco Barns

Decloet Barn 1

 Tobacco Barns


Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger


Computer Detail



  • Fully galvanized chassis
  • Galvanized and insulated external coating
  • 98280 Kcal.
  • Fan 25×25
  • 30000 m³/h airflow with static pressure of 1/2″
  • Safety control with digital flow switch, digital thermostats to allow selection between drying sequence in manual, semi-automatic or automatic setting, or with Delta T
  • Preset at 190° Fahrenheit o 75° Celsius
  • 10 HP Engine


  • Direct flame hot air generator for LPG or methane
  • Indirect flame hot air generator with heat exchanger for gas oil, LGP or methane
  • Hot air generator with radiator for overheated water

    Digital Computer DCS 3000

    • Programmable control of automatic heat
    • Complete control of entire drying program with Delta 1
    • Low voltage operation from 20 to 40 volt C.A o C.C.
    • 100 ohms platinum PT, the most stable in the industry



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