Wind Machines

          • Orchard-Rite offers a variety of models, including:

            • Stationary
            • Portable.
            • Lay-Down.

            Whether they are powered by diesel, propane or natural gas, all engines are certified to meet current EPA emissions standards.

            They are the most environmentally friendly means of frost protection.

            Orchard-Rite provides the grower with multiple options of towers, engine packages and over fifteen optional equipment accessories. Making it simple, allowing you to customize your Orchard-RiteĀ® Wind Machine, so you rest assured on those cold nights that you are protecting your investment.







Most Commonly Selected Equipment Customizations For The Southeast Region:

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Additional Orchard-RiteĀ® Optional Equipment Accessories:

  • Engine Flood Riser Stand
  • Blade Bumpers
  • Driveline Holder
  • Lower Gearbox Frame
  • Vibration Sensor
  • Engine Hood Security
  • Tilt Head
  • Contour Head
  • Electric Oscillator Head
  • P.T.O. Tower
  • Laydown Tower
  • Dogleg Tower
  • Galvanized or Painted Tower

Contact Bennett’s Tractor for more in-depth descriptions of each model and installation.